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WhoNews Notifications Restored

WhoNews notifications have now been restored for iOS. A brand new notification service has been installed on the server and hopefully this will be far more reliable than the old service.

Any issues or problems just drop me a line at

WhoNews notifications

WhoNews notification are temporarily disabled due to a recent update on the WhoNews server and changes introduced by Apple to the push notification system.

I am working to restore notifications as soon as I can. Please accept my apologies for the break in service.

WhoNews Downtime Today

On Monday October 20th from 8am the WhoNews server is changing its internet address. Depending on your ISP provider it may take around 24 hours before you start receiving WhoNews updates again.

No changes are required to the WhoNews apps but you may receive news notifications but not see the article listed in WhoNews. This will continue until the new server address has propagated across the internet.

I apologise for the break in service which is beyond my control.

WhoNews Notifications Announcement

This morning support for news notifications to iOS 5 was turned off and for versions of WhoNews prior to v3.5. These old versions of WhoNews can still continue to download the latest Doctor Who news but the old push notification system was retired today.

If you are running iOS 6.1 or later, just download the latest version of WhoNews to receive notifications as the WhoNews server detects new articles.

Repeated Notifications from WhoNews

The WhoNews server suffered a glitch early this morning which resulted in multiple notifications being sent out to some users.

Hopefully the issue has now been fixed, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience or annoyance caused.

WhoNews Notifications

The WhoNews server has been upgraded with a new push notification service after it was discovered that some users were not receiving notifications.

The new notification service hopefully fixes the issue and also allows me to add notifications to Android and Windows Phone WhoNews app users in the future.

Apologies for any break in service during the upgrade and please contact me if you are experiencing an issue.

WhoNews for Android service issue update

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, a server vital to the operation of WhoNews for Android was down for maintenance.

I apologise for the break in service and I’m pleased to say service has now been restored.

WhoNews Updates

The server that hosts the WhoNews news gathering software was upgraded yesterday by StormInternet and has changed its network address. This change of address needs to propagate across the internet.

You may experience a period where WhoNews doesn’t appear to update and unfortunately you just have to wait until your ISP refreshes its DNS cache. If however WhoNews has news entries with today’s date then your ISP already has the new address.

Doctor Who Online site tests

Doctor Who Online are upgrading their news page and have introduced some test articles. WhoNews is picking up the test pages and you may have received notifications of “This is a test”

DWO said they hope to have the tests removed shortly.

DT Forum added

The DT Forum has now been added to the blog section of WhoNews. DT Forum is an unofficial David Tennant Fan Site.

The focus of the site is a fan friendly forum where members discuss everything from exercise, photography and last but not least our favourite actor David Tennant. While this main site has a lot of information and news about David, the forum is the heart of the site. We chit-chat, make friends, support charities and have great prizes and draws. They invite you to look around at all our public articles and if it sounds like a place for you, sign up and join the forum.

Find out more here or follow them on on twitter @DTForum

WhoNews Push Notifications

Push notifications have been turned off for blogs and podcasts, due to the high volume of notifications from these two channels which seems to be an irritation to users based on feedback. Notifications will still be pushed out for the news and special channels which have a far lower volume of updates.

Last month WhoNews pushed out 1.3m notifications to users, which is a testament to the Who community and how active they are but is an awful lot of updates bombarding users.

I’ll continue to monitor the situation. However if you wish to disable notifications completely, then follow these instructions:

Notification settings are handled outside of WhoNews but here is how to do it:

1. Tap Settings on the iPhone/iPad Screen
2. Tap Notifications
3. Scroll to WhoNews and tap it to configure notifications just for WhoNews
4. Select whether you just want the alert sound off or the alert to be disabled as well. Badges are not currently used by WhoNews.

If you need further help just contact me using the Contact Developer button in WhoNews.

Reprint Society and Gary Gillatt

New feeds have recently been added to WhoNews. So welcome to the Doctor Who Reprint Society whose aim is get affordable reprints of classic publications into the hands of fans that want to read them.

Also stepping aboard is Gary Gillatt, writer for Doctor Who Magazine, who has just reviewed Frontios on his blog. His blog is called Squabbling Rubber if you want to find it in WhoNews under the sites view.

If there are more feeds you like added to WhoNews just let me know.

WhoNews filtering

I’m afraid I’ve had to add a little filtering to the blogs collated and reported by WhoNews. It has come to my attention that certain sites actively promote the downloading of episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood from the internet and whilst they do not host the videos, they do actively promote links to other sites.

This is not something WhoNews can endorse or support and consequently I have put in place measures to actively removes news articles which promote such downloads. If I don’t take action I run the risk of WhoNews being accused of actively promoting such activites, especially since it actively pushes out over 11,000 updates a day currently to users. This could result in WhoNews being removed from the App Store.

I hope you understand why WhoNews won’t report all the articles from some sites now and the reasoning behind it.

WhoNews RSS Feed

To complement the new live feed on the website there is now a new RSS feed providing the latest 25 news stories from over 40 sites, so you can now keep up to date with the latest news from your desktop browsers.

You’ll notice that there is a few WhoNews adverts intermingled in the feed, this is just to prevent unscrupulous app developers lifting my feed or if they do, they will be advertising WhoNews as well!

Just click on the RSS feed next to the ticker or use a direct link to

WhoNews Feed Changes

The WhoNews feed currently delivers the lasts 60 days of news from over 40 sites. I’ve now reduced this to 15 days in order to reduce the size of the feed being delivered to the app and save the amount of data used on users mobile tariffs. This should result in a quicker refresh over slow connections.

I’ve also modified the WhoNews news search facility to provide a full site searches, so all news items regardless of age are searched.

WhoNews is back

WhoNews has switched web hosts and is back up and running.

A huge thank you to Storm Internet for making the transition so smooth and providing excellent support.

Sorry for the intermittent services during this period.

WhoNews Feed Restored

I’ve worked out a way to force a manual refresh of the WhoNews feed. The updates will not be as regular as the normal service until the full service is restored however it does mean WhoNews will receive updates on a regular basis.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this period.

WhoNews Feed update

I’m sorry to say the WhoNews feed is still down. The web host responded once today and with nothing useful.

Consequently I have to taken immediate steps to move the WhoNews feed to another web hosting provider in the hope of restoring the feed with in the next couple of days. The account should be activated tomorrow at which point I will begin moving the WhoNews services across to the new host and begin the domain transfer.

I’ve always prided myself on the reliability and timeliness of the WhoNews feed and have unfortunately been badly let down.

Rest assured I am doing all I can to restore the service as quickly as possible.

WhoNews still down

There is still an issue with the ISP hosting WhoNews which is preventing the generation of the news feed.

Please accept my apologies for no WhoNews feed update since Saturday morning, I have contacted the ISP and I am STILL waiting for a response. They are currently not answering their phones during the weekend period or responding to ticket support.

I will be looking to move to another Web Hosting provider.

I will keep you informed of progress on this page.

WhoNews offline

There is currently an issue with the ISP hosting WhoNews which is preventing the generation of the news feed.

Please accept my apologises for no WhoNews feed update since this morning, I have contacted the ISP and I am waiting for a response.

I will keep you informed of progress on this page.
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